Our Work Speaks Volumes

Our work takes us to some interesting places, and some interesting clients.

Below you'll find a small sample of our work that we hope showcases not just our technical and creative skills, but the depth of our knowledge and dedication to giving our clients everything these deserve.

Social Media





Social Media

Soundscape VR: Music Meets Virtual Reality

Soundscape VR (SVR) is a groundbreaking blend of virtual reality, live performances, and music in a single seamless and mind-bending medium.

New Industria was tasked with growing brand awareness, downloads, and managing the day-to-day content creation for the social media accounts. In November 2019, New Industria was further contracted to lead the redesign of SVR's website, soundscapeuniverse.com.

To date, New Industria has helped drive over 40,000 downloads, has grown the social media following by 1000%, and created content that has been view hundreds of thousands of times by VR and music fans alike.

The iCare Health Network: Building New Connections

With a dozen facilities across Connecticut and Massachusetts helping patients with a wide array of medical needs, the iCare Health Network is not a typical healthcare provider.

With 14 social media accounts under New Industria's management, the iCare Health Network has expanded its digital footprint exponentially in just a couple of years. With the help of New Industria, iCare has successfully leveraged social media to increase its hiring pool and grow its brand awareness throughout the region.

New Industria was also engaged by iCare to lead a computer literacy and training program for elderly patients wanting to connect to family and friends. Some work is its own reward.

Social Media

Digital Advertising

Web Design

Online Ordering

Alvarium Beer Company: Bringing Beer Back To New Britain

When Alvarium Beer Company announced it would be building New Britain's first craft brewery, as fans of beer AND New Britain, we were understandably pumped. Our enthusiasm must have been evident, as Alvarium hired New Industria to build its first website, and two years later, rehired us to redesign the site with a fresher, cleaner look.

As Alvarium grew (and fast!), so did the needs of its customers. New Industria was once again brought on-board to create a simple and streamlined online ordering system that would enable Alvarium's customers to quickly and easily order their delicious beer.

Telefunken: Breathing New Life Into Classic Design

When Telefunken-Elektroakustik approached New Industria about building a new website, their requirements were simple - a modern look on an accessible platform that can be taught to the Telefunken team.

Our approach did more than inform Telefunken - we educated them on their new website, showing them the ins-and-outs of how to take control of their digital destiny. Though a massive undertaking with hundreds of items needing their own pages, New Industria was able to successfully hand-off the website once finished, enabling the Telefunken team to become the webmasters they were destined to be.

Web Design